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The Treasured Concept of Beauty
Aug 29

The Treasured Concept of Beauty

Beauty is a word that I use all the time, as you’d expect!  But let me share with you a story about my most treasured concept of beauty.

Nine years ago this month I took myself for my first overseas holiday and spent two weeks in Paris – it had been a childhood dream to go there. It gave me the chance to visit the Orsay Museum, where I came across the stunning sculpture of a 14-year-old ballerina by Degas.

I had studied clay sculpture in school and had studied and admired this particular piece. But to be suddenly standing in front of it — I hadn’t expected that to ever happen — was one of those unforgettable moments in life. There are no photos of that encounter, being the pre-selfie age – not that I’ll ever forget it.

Unfortunately, it’ll be a while before I can afford another trip to Paris, but last month I visited my son and daughter-in-law in Melbourne and they took me to the Degas exhibition there. I didn’t know if my favourite ballerina would be there, but I hoped. And after wandering for a few hours, at a moment when I was on my own, I found ‘her’ again. I nearly cried. I walked around her slowly just taking in this special piece and appreciating the artist who created her. I was so entranced, I fear I might have worried some of the other exhibition visitors!

When I eventually caught up with my son, all I could say was: ‘I found her’. We went back and my son took this photo, which I’ll treasure until I can see her again in Paris. In the meantime, Paris came to me.  And I thought I’d share it with you.

May you have a beautiful day!

Sue Ellen


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